Private & health Insurance

Private & health Insurance



Private health insurance is required for many visas and residency permits applications for Spain and therefore, in ICS we want to ensure that you not only meet the requirement to have one, but as well that it is the best option available on the local market.

We collaborate with ATLANTIDA GRUP that provides health insurances since 1927.

What makes this health insurance company born in Barcelona almost 100 years ago unique is the fact that they define themselves as a ‘home company’ that is close to the person providing excellence, trust and satisfaction of the health services.

The ATLANTIDA GRUP has a lot of experience in are of visas and residency permits that makes them the best choice for you. Said years of experience defined their services in area of all the necessary health coverage for a foreigner residing in Spain.

The wide range of the offer includes not only the standard medical coverage that you will need to live well but as well personalized services, like for example much wider coverage for elder people, to ensure all the possible unlucky situations will always be covered.

The company counts with several customer service offices in all Barcelona where you can meet them personally and receive responses to all your questions.

Please contact us for the list of all the services and detailed information. We will be as well happy to put you in contact with the company directly.