Buy a business


If you think about the most attractive location in Europe for either your personal or professional purposes, probably one of the first options will be Spain. And if you think about the most popular location is Spain you probably will first think about Barcelona.

Indeed, Barcelona placed in the heart of the richest area of Spain, with great international connection and accessibility makes it very attractive not only for foreigners who wish to live in this multicultural city or its area but mostly, but mostly for the professional purposes, as it is one of the most touristic spots in the world since years now.


In ICS we understand the business with its potential and therefore we offer you our experience and support in purchase of the commercial property.

Barcelona and its area count with endless number of commercial properties like hotels, hostels that we would be happy to help you with their purchase, making the best deal for you.

Our team of solicitors and real estate representative will ensure to fit in your professional needs with the best commercial properties to visit and purchase!

In ICS we can assist you not only with the purchase of the commercial property but with a purchase of the business itself, called in Spanish ‘traspaso’.


Our team has a lot of experience as well in area of the purchase of the business, what cannot be confused with the beforementioned purchase of the property.

Spanish term of ‘traspaso’ refers to the purchase of the business together, and this way not only the ownership of contract and the relevant licenses will be transferred to the new owner.

In ICS our aim is to make your Spanish dream come true and therefore we would provide you with the list of any type of the business that you might be interested in purchasing like for example: shops, restaurants and any other types of the business.

Timing: the process to buy a business might take around 1 month, depending on individual case.