Company Set-up

Company Set-up


In ICS we will assist you with the whole process of the creation of your Company from the scratch of your idea to its activation. We will ensure that you choose the most suitable option for the size of your business and type of your activity. We will as well assist you during the existence of your company.

Before that, you should know that there are different legal forms following the Spanish regulation that you could choose for your company, like:

  • Limited Liability Company (S.L)
  • Corporation (S.A)
  • New Business Limited Liability Company
  • European Company (S.E)

The most common form is the Limited Liability Company (S.L) that requires the minimum capital of 3.005 EUR that shall be paid in the time of the formation. The benefit of this legal entity is that the responsibility is limited to the capital contributed and it is enough to have only 1 shareholder to create S.L.

The steps that should be taken to set up your company are the following:

  1. Application for the NIE,
  2. Registration of the company name that includes the no-coincidence certificate issued by the Central Commercial Registry,
  3. Opening a bank account and depositing the company capital,
  4. Drafting company deeds
  5. Signing of the company deeds in the notary,
  6. Registration of the company within the Mercantile Registry
  7. Obtainment of the tax ID number (NIF)

Tell us your idea and we will take care of all the steps to make it come true.

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